Locate Personnel

The following are some tips on obtaining information about members of the Fifteenth Air Force.  There may be a charge for some of these services.

Air Force World Wide Locator


550 C Street West, Suite 50

Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4752

Before writing, try to get as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Full name and serial number of the individual.

  2. Rank held at a specific time or highest rank achieved.

  3. Names and dates of awards or decorations received.

  4. Units to which the individual was assigned and dates.

  5. Individuals military crew position, occupation specialty, job or other description of what he did.

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Next of kin may ask for a copy of the service member’s personnel records (including “201″ file)  by contacting:

National Personnel Records Center

Attn: Air Force Reference Branch

9700 Page Blvd.

St Louis, MO 63132

or go to

Ask for ALL records including “201″ file  and Form 5 (Combat  Record). Certain data will not be released to non-authorized persons.

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For aircrew members lost in combat during WW-II:

Request a missing air crew report (MACR) under the individuals name from:


Archie DiFante, Archivist


600 Chennault Circle

Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424

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Individuals Declared Missing or Killed In Action

To determine whether an individual was declared missing or killed in action, contact the agency below.  They can also provide location details if the deceased is buried in a US overseas or National Cemetery.

U.S. Total Army Personnel Command


2461 Eisenhower Ave. Room 984, Hoffman Bldg 1

Alexandria, VA 22331

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Questions About Awards And Decorations

For information about awards, decorations, special trophies and Korean War Service Medal, and other questions, contact:


550 C Street West, Ste12

Randolph AFB, TX78150-4712

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Air Force Retirees or Members On Active Duty

To find a friend who has retired from the Air Force or a person who is still on active duty:

Write a letter to the individual, put it in an envelope and seal, with the individual’s name, your return address and proper postage on  the envelope. Put this letter in another envelope, along with as much information as you have on the individual such as full name, last known rank, serial number, last known duty station, home town, known dates of service etc. Ask the locator to add the individual’s current address to your sealed envelope and forward it to the individual you wish to contact. A $3.50 finder’s fee must be included. (Free to active duty and retirees). Make Cheque payable to: DAO-DE-RAFB.  Send to:


550 C Street W, Suite 50

Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4712

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Final Disposition Of Your Aircraft

To find the history of your favourite aircraft ask for the history card. This information will give you only the place and date of manufacture, all units assigned, and final demise. It will NOT give you the combat record. You must give the FULL serial number and type aircraft. This service is free, however expect up to six weeks for a reply. Send your request to:

Mr. Archie DiFante, Archivist


600 Chennault Circle

Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424

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USAF Accident Reports

U.S. Aircraft accident reports can be ordered from the AF Historical Research Agency  (AFHRA) they are divided into two categories. ”within” the U.S. and “outside” the U.S.  This service is FREE  from AFHRA, but expect up to six weeks for a reply.  Send your request with the type aircraft and complete aircraft serial number  to:

Mr. Archie DiFante, Archivist


600 Chennault Circle

Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424