The Last Sortie

In Memory of

This is a list of those brave members who have gone ahead of us on that last sortie.  We know that when we remember them in honor they are never truly gone from us.

If you would like a web page created in memory of your 464th Bombardment Group member, please email a copy of the obituary notice or eulogy and copies of one or two photos to the 464th Bomb Group webmaster at  There is no charge for this service - we do it to honor our Group members.  The webmaster will respond upon receipt of the items - so if you don't hear from us, please try contacting us again.

The list of veterans is quite long at this point in time.  To find a particular name, click on the first letter of the last name below to go directly to that portion of the list.


Abernathy, Kyle (778th Squadron)

Acklin, Lloyd (776th Squadron)

Agee, Charles (777th Squadron)

Alesii, Anthony (779th Squadron)

Allen, George (777th Squadron)

Allen, Frances (778th Squadron)

Allen, Reid H. (778th Squadron/Headquarters)

Allinder, James (776th Squadron)

Anderson, Andrew (778th Squadron)

Ankney, Elton Wilbur (776th Squadron)

Anselmo, Gus (778th Squadron)

Antogacci, Silvio (776th Squadron)

Antonioli, Aldino (778th Squadron)

Aspel, Morris (778th Squadron)

Astemborski, Chester S. (Unknown)

Atkinson, Rev. Benard (776th Squadron)

Aungst, Russell (unknown)

Ayer, Jr., Herbert J. (777th Squadron)

Aylesworth, Richard (779th Squadron)

Bahnsen, Donald (779th Squadron)

Bailey, Kenneth E. (776th Squadron)

Baker, John C. (777th Squadron)

Baker, Orvile (Unknown)

Baker, Lt. William D. (779th Squadron)

Ballard, Eugene (776th Squadron)

Balliet, Robert M. (776th Squadron)

Banchiere, Charles (778th Squadron)

Barbarick, John G. (777th Squadron)

Barber, Thomas (777th Squadron)

Barnes, William (776th Squadron)

Barnett, George (777th Squadron)

Barron, William (776th Squadron)

Baryenbruch, S./Sgt. Roland G. (778th Squadron)

Bator, Theodore (777th Squadron)

Beagle, Eldeon (Unknown)

Beaubein, Leigh (778th Squadron)

Beu, George H. (Squadron Unknown)

Beaubien, Raymond (778th Squadron)

Becker, James E. (779th Squadron)

Beckom, Hugh W. (779th Squadron)

Bell, Theodore (779th Squadron)

Beman, Hubert (779th Squadron)

Bergstrom, John (776th Squadron)

Betts, Merle E. (776th Squadron)

Beyer, Thomas (777th Squadron)

Bingham , William J. (777th Squadron)

Bishop, Edsel E. (778th Squadron)

Blackburn, Glenn (776th Squadron)

Blazek, Robert F. (776th Squadron)

Block, James H. (776th Squadron)

Block, Rae (776th Squadron)

Blume, Aubrey (776th Squadron)

Boehm, Ellis W. (779th Squadron)

Bogner, Alvin L. (778th Squadron)

Bolash, Cyril (778th Squadron)

Bond, Harold (776th Squadron)

Booth, Edwain M. (777th Squadron)

Booth, John (776th Squadron)

Bordak, Michael (778th Squadron)

Borland, Earl (776th Squadron) 

Bowers, Don (776th Squadron)

Boyer, Warren (778th Squadron)

Branby, 1st Lt. Manferd O. "Manny," (777th Squadron)

Brandis, Raymond (778th Squadron)

Braziel, Kenneth (776th Squadron) 

Bridges, John (777th Squadron)

Brielmaier, Donald (unknown)

Brien, Russel J. (776th Squadron)

Brockman, Charles (778th Squadron)

Bromel, Hershall A. (779th Squadron)

Brown, Bert O. (777th Squadron)

Brown, James A. (Unknown)

Brown, William (778th Squadron)

Brusch, James F. (776th Squadron)

Bryan, Many (779th Squadron)

Bucher, Russell (776th Squadron)

Buchholz, Albert R. (777th Squadron)

Buckmaster, Duane M. (776th Squadron)

Bunnell, Paul (777th Squadron) 

Burroughs, E (778th Squadron)

Byer, Robert (Unknown)

Byrnes, Thomas J. (779th Squadron)

Cafarelli, William (778th Squadron)

Cage, James (779th Sqdn.)

Caldwell, Andrew E. (778th Squadron)

Callahan, Clifton C. (777th Squadron)

Camerer, David M. (Headquarters)

Carey, Alfred W. Jr. (779th Squadron)

Carlini, Cal (Unknown)

Carnaggio, Frank (779th Squadron)

Carnes, James (778th Squadron)

Carney, Jr, George W. (778th Squadron)

Carr, Patrick (778th Squadron)

Carrick, Walter J. (779th Squadron)

Carrizales, James (778th Squadron)

Carter, Francis (777th Squadron)

Cartmille, Charles (778th Squadron)

Casey, Laverl H. (778th Squadron)

Cator, Bruce (776th Squadron)

Cavallo, James (778th Squadron)

Cavness, William (Unknown)

Chadwick, Tim (778th Squadron)

Chaney, Charles A. (Unknown)

Chatburn, Harley (777th Squadron)

Chiarello, Bruno J. (779th Squadron)

Chmelir, John J. (777th Squadron)

Clark, Dwight M. "Dick," (Headquarters/778th Squadron)

Clatworthy, Walter (Unknown)

Clement, Warren G. (776th Squadron)

Cloudt, Denman L. (778th Squadron)

Cobb, Neal T. (778th Squadron)

Coffer, Harold R. (777th Squadron)

Cokerham, Edward (777th Squadron)

Cole, Harold A. (778th Squadron)

Coleman, LaVerne (779th Squadron)

Collins, George P. (777th Squadron)

Colvin, Daniel E., Sr. (Headquarters)

Cone, Leo F. (777th Squadron)

Conway, Ralph (Headquarters)

Connors, Clayton E. (777th Squadron)

Cook, Louis E. (779th Squadron)

Copeland, Gerald (778th Squadron)

Corr, James (778th Squadron)

Crandall, Ray (776th Squadron)

Cranston, Garland (777th Squadron)

Christel, William C. (777th Squadron)

Ciprian, Charles (779th Squadron)

Cook, Anthony C. (779th Squadron)

Copeland , John O. (779th Squadron)

Croft, George (Unknown)

Crosby, David (Unknown)

Cross, Harold (Headquarters)

Crouch, James D. (779th Squadron)

Crowell, Walter (778th Squadron)

Cuddington, Gerald (777th Squadron)

Culver, Arthur (776th Squadron)

Cunningham, Robert F. (778th Squadron)

Cutler, Robert M. (778th Squadron)

Cyr, Albert (Unknown)

Damhorst, John C. (779th Squadron)

D'Amore, John (776th Squadron) 

Danielson, Carl (776th Squadron)

Danley, Clifford (Unknown)

Dannehel, Kermit (779th Squadron)

Davis, Bill "Billy" W. (779th Squadron)

Davis, Robert S. (777th Squadron)

Davis, Simon (776th Squadron)

DeBerardinis , Dante (776th Squadron)

Deck, Lawrence (777th Squadron)

Dersch, John (777th Squadron)

Dewicki, Zdzislaw B. (779th Squadron)

DeWolf, Victor (777th Squadron)

Dickason, Larry (779th Squadron)

Dickson, Donald (777th Squadron)

Dittberner, Ernst (778th Squadron)

Dodge, Wendell (777th Squadron)

Douglas, Louis (779th Squadron)

Douglas, William E. (778th Squadron)

Doverspike, Ivah (776th Squadron)

Droa, Joseph, (777th Squadron)

Drollinger, Howard (777th Squadron)

Droschkey, William (777th Squadron)

Dunaway, Jr. Emmett L. (777th Squadron)

Dusenbery, Harry (779th Squadron)

Dwor, Leonard S. (779th Squadron)

Eastwood, John H. (Chaplain)

Eaves, William T. (777th Squadron)

Ebner, Floyd (Headquarters)

Edelstein, Melvin M. (778th Squadron)

Ellerman, Howard (778th Squadron)

Elliott, Robert E. (776th Squadron) 

Elrod, Erwin (777th Squadron)

Engleman, Lawrence P. (779th Squadron)

Eppley, David (776th Squadron)

Erickson, Art (777th Squadron)

Eudaily, Clarence W. (776th Squadron)

Faber, Bernard (779th Squadron)

Fabrey, Robert H. (779th Squadron)

Fain, George (Unknown)

Fairbanks, Jerry (776th Squadron)

Fargotstein, Manuel (779th Squadron)

Farling, Howard J. (778th Squadron)

Farrell, Marshall F. (779th Squadron)

Fears, William (778th Squadron)

Felzien, Gerald (778th Squadron)

Fernsler, John (778th Squadron)

Fielding, Verl (Headquarters)

Fiore, William (778th Squadron)

Fisher, Joseph (777th Squadron)

Flammer, Robert G. (778th Squadron)

Fleming, Jr., Paris Hodge (777th Squadron)

Fleming, William J. (779th Squadron)

Forsstrom, Heino (776th Squadron)

Fort, George (778th Squadron)

Fowler, Robert Harrison (779th Squadron)

Fowler, Stanley Earl (776th Squadron)

Fox, Bernard (778th Squadron)

Francesconi, James J. (778th Squadron)

Francis, Jesse E. (776th Squadron)

Frazier, George R. Jr. (779th Squadron)

Freed, Robert (77?th Sqdn.)

Freeman, Leigh R. (779th Squadron)

Freeman, Walter (777th Squadron)

Friden, David (776th Squadron)

Froehlich, Donald C. (776th Squadron)

Fudge, Glen (778th Squadron)

Fuller, Marlin (778th Squadron)

Furnare, Joe (776th Squadron)

Furrie, Frank (Unknown)

Gac, Andrew (777th Squadron)

Garin, Robert (778th Squadron)

Garlock, Robert (776th Squadron)

Garver, Albert (779th Squadron)

Gaspari, Edward F. (776th Squadron)

Geary, William (779th Squadron)

Geissinger, Warren S. (777th Squadron)

George, Ellis P. (779th Squadron)

Geraci, George (777th Squadron)

Gilfillen, William (Headquarters)

Gillen, Donald (778th Squadron)

Girardeau, Jr. Montgomery (776th/779th Squadrons)

Glaze, Jr, Harry W. (777th Squadron)

Golden, Ray E. (778th Squadron)

Goldsmith, Dale (776th Squadron)

Gonroff, Fred (779th Squadron)

Gonyea, William C. (777th Squadron)

Goodsell, Harold (Unknown)

Goodyear, Martin O. (778th Squadron)

Gordon, James (776th Squadron)

Gottschalk, John R. (776th Squadron)

Graham, John (776th Squadron)

Grahan, Richard (776th Squadron)

Grange, Jesse "Jack" L. (776th Squadron)

Grant, Sr. James (776th Squadron) 

Graves, Frank A. (Unknown)

Griffin, Willard (776th Squadron)

Griffiths, Elmer "Butch" (778th Squadron)

Grochowski, Edmund (776th Squadron) 

Gross, Robert (776th Squadron)

Groteluescheon, George (776th Squadron)

Gustafson, Willard (777th Squadron)

Haas, Hamilton (Headquarters)

Hahne, James (779th Squadron)

Hall, James Winton (779th Squadron)

Hallock, Eugene (779th Squadron)

Hallopeter, Boyce (776th Squadron)

Halonen, Lester W. "Smoky" (779th Squadron)

Hammett, Marvin "Spike" (779th Squadron)

Hanek, Blaine K. (776th Squadron)

Haney, Jr. Gordon A. (777th Squadron)

Hanna, William (Unknown)

Hanson, Lavern M. (777th Squadron)

Harden, Robert (778th Sqdn.)

Harding, Stillman J. (778th Sqdn.)

Harlan, Arnold (776th Squadron)

Harper, Allen Douglas "Dubo" (777th Squadron)

Harr, John L. (779th Squadron)

Harrelson, William (Unknown)

Harrison, Roy (777th Squadron)

Hartman, Joseph (776th Squadron) 

Hasslehan, Matthew (776th Squadron)

Hatfield, Don (unknown)

Hathaway, Robert (777th Squadron)

Hayden, Don (779th Squadron)

Hayes, Harold Lee (777th Squadron)

Hayworth, James M. (778th Squadron)

Hearon, Jr. James H. (Unknown)

Hedges, Donald (Unknown)

Hedge, William T. (779th Squadron)

Heineman, Harry (779th Squadron)

Heinicke, Gerhard (779th Squadron)

Henderson, John M. (779th Squadron)

Henry, Carl (779th Squadron)

Henry, William (778th Squadron)

Henson, Thomas M. (778th Squsdron)

Herbert, Nolan J. (777th Squadron)

Higdon, Herschel L. (778th Squadron)

Himebaugh, Donovan A. (779th Squadron)

Hiser, Robert (777th Squadron)

Hoch, Frank L. (778th Squadron)

Hoffman, Richard (778th Squadron)

Holcomb, Robert (779th Squadron)

Holland, Darrell (777th Squadron)

Hollinger, Gordon (unknown)

Hollmann, William (777th Squadron)

Holt, Francis R. (779th Squadron)

Homol, Peter J. (777th Squadron)

Hornbaker, Robert W. (778th Squadron)

Horst, Edward (Unknown)

Hoskinson, Robert N. (778th Squadron)

Hough, Robert (776th Squadron) 

Howard, Harry V. (779th Squadron)

Hoyda, John J. (Unknown)

Huber, Chris (Unknown)

Huber, Herbert (778th Squadron)

Huckstadt, Laverne (777th Squadron)

Hudeck, Albert (Unknown)

Hunt, Kenneth C. (776th Squadron)

Huntley, Arthur Thomas "Tom" (779th Squadron)

Hurley, Edward (776th Squadron)

Huson, William (776th Squadron)

Ieva, Ralph (776th Squadron)

Inks, James (776th Squadron)

Ingrassia, Michael (777th Squadron)

Jackson, Lloyd (Unknown)

Jares, Robert (776th Squadron)

Jeffrey, Daniel M. (779th Squadron)

Jesmer, Frank L. (779th Squadron)

Johnson, Robert H. (Unknown)

Johnston, Robert (778th Squadron)

Jolly, Earl (776th Squadron)

Jones, Henry (Unknown)

Jones, John H. Dr. (779th Squadron)

Jones, Norman D. (779th Squadron)

Junkens, Gerald W. (779th Squadron)

Kamantis, Joseph A. (777th Squadron)

Kaplan, Alex (Unknown)

Karle, Betty R. (464th BG Historian)

Karow, Alfred R. (778th Squadron)

Kay, Alene (776th Squadron)

Kay, Oliver (776th Squadron) 

Keesling, William (Unknown)

Kelly, Morgan R. (776th Squadron)

Kennedy, James (777th Squadron)

Kephart, Robert (779th Squadron)

Kidd, Alvin S. (778th Squadron)

Kiger, Darrell G. (777th Squadron)

Kilarski, Clarence "Larry" (777th Squadron)

Kimble, Listel (778th Squadron)

Kimmel, Robert (Unknown)

Kinberger, Frank (778th Squadron)

Kirkland, Paul J. (unknown)

Kitchin, Charles (unknown)

Klika, John E. (779th Squadron)

Klimpel, Arnold (Unknown)

Knapp, Jr., Edward C. (778th Squadron)

Kofke, Edward R. (779th Squadron)

Logies, Raymond C. (Unknown)

Kolenic, Andrew (779th Squadron)

Kopie, William F. (Unknown)

Krajewski, Joseph (778th Squadron)

Krenzelok, Joseph (776th Squadron)

Krieg, Floyd (777th Squadron)

Kroll, George (777th Squadron)

Krynovich, George (778th Squadron)

Kuester, Harry G. (Unknown)

Kuhns, Jr, Paul S. (776th Squadron)

Kumm, Walter (778th Squadron)

Kustka, Norbert (777th Squadron)

Kuzmak, Walter (776th Squadron)

Kyzar, James N. (778th Squadron)

Labedz, Frank (776th Squadron)

Ladig, Robert (777th Squadron)

Lage, Robert (779th Squadron)

Lamb, Curtis W. (Red Cross)

Lambert, Douglas (777th Squadron)

Lambert, Lawrence (777th Squadron)

Lane, Sr. Dwight (777th Squadron)

Lane, Franklin (778th Squadron)

Lane, William S. (Unknown)

Langenhorst, Robert (779th Squadron)

Laser, George (778th Squadron)

Lassiter, Robert (779th Squadron)

Latham, Ernie (779th Squadron)

Lavric, Stephen (777th Squadron)

Layne, Jr., Williard S. (778th Squadron)

Leahy, Kenneth (776th Squadron) 

Leavy, Patrick (776th Squadron)

LeBlanc, Louis (779th Squadron)

Lechner, August (777th Squadron)

Lediak, Joseph (778th Squadron)

Leet, Edmund (777th Squadron)

Lehue, Lamon (776th Squadron)

Lentz, William (Unknown)

Lester, Paul F. (776th Squadron)

Leverett, Virgil A. (776th Squadron)

Lewis, John (778th Squadron)

Libuda, Telesphore (778th Squadron)

Lieberstein, Marvin (unknown)

Lindvall, Rex (777th Squadron)

Linneman, Joseph (777th Squadron)

Lippman, Seymour (777th Squadron)

Lipton, Fred (776th Squadron) 

Littman, Max (779th Squadron)

Lockrem, Byron (776th Squadron) 

Long, Olan (778th Squadron)

Lonsdorf, John R. (778th Squadron)

Loree, Ellis (Unknown)

Lovitt, Dean (777th Squadron)

Lovria, Michael (778th Squadron)

Lubiejewski, Walter J. (776th Squadron)

Lucas, Charles (777th Squadron)

Luchina, Evo (Headquarters)

Lund, Horace (777th Squadron)

Luque, John (777th Squadron)

Mabry, San (Sam?) (777th Squadron)

MacDonald, Thomas (778th Squadron)

Madigan, Robert (777th Squadron)

Mahota, William J. (776th Squadron)

Mallonee, Robert E. (776th Squadron)

Mamaux, Harry O. (776th Squadron) 

Mancell, Ray (776th Squadron)

Maronpot, Raymond C. (779th Squadron)

Marsh, John E. (779th Squadron)

Marshall, George (778th Squadron)

Martin, Charles (Unknown)

Martin, Guy R. (777th Squadron)

Martin, Sherman (778th Squadron)

Mates, Leonard (778th Sqdn.)

Mathy, George (776th Squadron)

Matthews, Donald (777th Squadron)

Matthews, Forrest (776th Squadron) 

Maxson, William (779th Squadron)

Maxwell, James C. (778th Squadron)

May, Bedford 'Daisy' (776th Squadron)

McCormick, Robert (776th Squadron)

McCray, Jack (779th Squadron)

McDowell, James C. (776th Squadron)

McGee, Regis (776th Squadron)

McGinley, Warren (777th Squadron)

McGovern, John K. (778th Squadron)

McGowan, Daryl P. (777th Squadron)

McGowan, William (778th Squadron)

McKenna, Charles (Headquarters)

McLaughlin, William (778th Squadron)

McNally, Edward L. (779th Squadron)

Mendyka, Chester (777th Squadron)

Menzel, Raymond (778th Squadron)

Mercer, William P. (776th Squadron)

Merrill, Stiles B. (Unknown)

Michels, Alex (777th Squadron)

Millar, William (778th Squadron)

Miller, Max (777th Squadron)

Miller, Reul H. (777th Squadron)

Mills, William F. (776th Squadron)

Mishkin, Gilbert (776th Squadron)

Miskelly, Melvin (Unknown)

Miskelly, Michael (776th Squadron) 

Mitchell, Michael (778th Squadron)

Modlin, Morton S. (779th Squadron)

Modlin, Regis (779th Squadron)

Moldenhauer, Herman T. (779th Squadron)

Moore, Jr., William G. (777th Squadron)

Morel, William B. (776th Squadron)

Morgan, Walter (777th Squadron)

Morlan, Dale N. (778th Squadron)

Morris, Elfred "Al" (778th Squadron)

Mosher, Roy (776th Squadron)

Moyna, Michael (779th Squadron)

Munnerlyn, James (Unknown)

Murphy, Daniel (777th Squadron)

Myers, Vance (776th Squadron) 

Myers, William H. (779th Squadron)

Nelson, Marvin D. (779th Squadron)

Newberg, Gerald (Unknown)

Nicholsen, Richard (779th Squadron)

Nicholson, Alfred (Headquarters)

Nielson, Jr. Paul L. (778th Squadron)

O'Doherty John (777th Squadron)

O'Donnell, William (778th Squadron)

O'Hara, John (778th Squadron)

O'Keefe, Robert O. (776th Squadron)

O'Toole, John (777th Squadron)

Oliva, Charles R. (Unknown)

Oliver, Herman R. (779th Squadron)

Ollikainen, Toivo (776th Squadron)

Olson, Robert (778th Squadron)

Ondrusek, Frank A. (778th Squadron)

Onidi, Silvio R. (779th Squadron)

Ouellette, Dewey H. (776th Squadron)

Orrell, Claude D. (Unknown)

Pace, William A. (778th Squadron)

Parker, James F. (777th Squadron)

Paris, Walter (779th Squadron)

Parrish, M.W. (778th Squadron)

Parrish, R.S. "Shack" (777th Squadron)

Parsons, Kenneth (777th Squadron)

Partridge, Gordon D. (776th Squadron)

Pate, Lindley (779th Squadron)

Patterson, Willard A. (777th Squadron)

Peloso, Thomas (779th Squadron)

Pense, Jr. John S. (778th Squadron)

Perdue, Robert (778th Squadron)

Perry, Orlando J. (778th Squadron)

Peterson, Alvin E. (776th Squadron)

Peterson, Mack (776th Squadron)

Peterson, Robert (777th Squadron)

Petrolino, Domonic (777th Squadron)

Pieper, Donald (776th Squadron)

Pietronegro, Angelo (776th Squadron)

Pifer, Leon D. (777th Squadron)

Plaesance, Robert C. (777th Squadron)

Platt, Alvin (777th Squadron)

Player, Harry A. (778th Squadron)

Pleasant, Earl D. (776th Squadron)

Poff, Glynn Clarence (Headquarters)

Poltachak, (779th Squadron)

Porteous, Walter (776th Squadron)

Porter, Edwin (779th Squadron)

Porter, John D. (776th Squadron)

Potts, Thomas S. (777th Squadron)

Preller, Sr, David J. (776th Squadron)

Premo, Ron (776th Squadron)

Preputnik, Sr, Michael (777th Squadron)

Preston, Charles (776th Squadron)

Prewitt, Thomas R. (779th Squadron)

Price, Frank T. (779th Squadron)

Price, Richard (779th Squadron)

Pritzel, Bernard (Unknown)

Probst, Fred L. (776th Squadron)

Pruitt, Jr., John "Jack" F. (777th Squadron)

Pryor, Alan (778th Squadron)

Quay, George (777th Squadron)

Quinlan, John A. (Unknown)

Ramsey, Frank (776th Squadron)

Raucher, Harry (777th Squadron)

Rausch, Jr, Charles A. (779th Squadron)

Ravaschieri, Rollo (Unknown)

Rector, Robert B. (776th Squadron)

Reddell, William H. (776th CO)

Reighard, Elmer (776th Squadron) 

Reilly, Jr. Cornelius (779th Squadron)

Reynolds, Glen (Unknown)

Rhodes, Earl E. (778th Squadron)

Richards, Charles H. (776th Squadron) 

Richardson, Arvon (778th Squadron)

Richardson, Sidney (778th Squadron)

Richardt, Kenneth H. (777th Squadron)

Ricker, Walter (778th Squadron)

Rigby, Robert (779th Squadron)

Riggs, Freddie Jack (779th Squadron)

Rigney, Robert (779th Squadron)

Ringel, Robert E. (778th Squadron)

Ritenour, Paul E. (778th Squadron)

Ritter, John (Unknown)

Robbins, Forrest (776th Squadron)

Roberts, Wallace “Wally” R. (777th Squadron)

Robertson, Jr. William (779th Squadron)

Robinson, William S. (779th Squadron)

Rochette, Francis (776th Squadron) 

Romberger, Roy W. (777th Squadron)

Rosas, Mauro (777th Squadron)

Rose, Robert (779th Squadron)

Rose, Walter (776th Squadron)

Rossi, Joseph (776th Squadron)

Rozen, Morris (779th Squadron)

Rucigay, John C. (778th Squadron)

Rudick, Philip (778th Squadron)

Rushlman, Jack (779th Squadron)

Rust, Donald (778th Squadron)

Ryan, James J. (777th Squadron)

Ryan, John B. (777th Squadron)

Rydzinski, Frank (Unknown)

Saavedra, Didio (776th Squadron)

Sabol, Paul (776th Squadron)

Sachtleben, John G. (776th Squadron)

Sager, Roy A. (777th Squadron)

Salmon, Father Albert (778th Squadron)

Sandberg, Glen (Unknown)

Sanders, Robert (779th Squadron)

Sarocka, John (777th Squadron)

Saunders, William I. (779th Squadron)

Scales, John (779th Squadron)

Scalise, Alma (776th Squadron)

Scalise, Frederick (776th Squadron)

Schachner, Dayle (776th Squadron)

Schad, Paul (777th Squadron)

Schaeffer, Earl (unknown)

Schild, Charles W. (777th Squadron)

Schmidt, Chester H. (779th Squadron)

Schondel, Raymond L. (777th Squadron)

Schneider, Tony (776th Squadron)

Schneider, William J. (777th Squadron)

Scroggins, Kenneth C. (777th Squadron)

Schuffert, John "Jake" (776th Squadron)

Schweinem, William (776th Squadron)

Schwier, Leslie (776th Squadron)

Scott, Jr., Tomas B. (779th Squadron)

Scott, Thomas T. (777th Squadron)

Scott, Walter K. (779th Squadron)

Seaver, Edward C. (777th Squadron)

Seirer, Max L. (779th Squadron)

Selby, Wayne (776th Squadron)

Shafer, David (779th Squadron)

Sherman, Jr, Daniel W. (777th Squadron)

Sherwood, Clarence (Unknown)

Shipman, Jack (779th Squadron)

Shires, Alex (Unknown)

Shoemaker, William (779th Squadron)

Shuhi, John (776th Squadron)

Shymanski, Joseph (779th Squadron)

Silkwood, Billy (778th Squadron)

Simon, Bernd (777th Squadron)

Simonelli, Charles (779th Squadron)

Simpkins, Ray (776th Squadron)

Sims, William (776th Squadron)

Skinner, Charles Ray (776th Squadron)

Smalley, Forrest (777th Squadron)

Smalley, Norman (778th Squadron)

Smith, Alan W. (776th Squadron)

Smith, David (778th Squadron)

Smith, Jack (Unknown)

Smith, James (778th Squadron)

Smith, Phillip D. (778th Squadron)

Smith, Richard K. (464th BG)

Smith, Robert F. (777th Squadron)

Smith, Sidney (779th Squadron)

Smith, William A. (776th Squadron)

Snyder, Frank (778th Squadron)

Snyder, Franklin (776th Squadron)

Soule, Merton L. (778th Squadron)

Sowa, George (777th Squadron)

Sowell, James (776th Squadron)

Spain, Neil (776th Squadron)

Spangler, Raymond (Headquarters)

Spankowski, Daniel V. (778th Squadron)

Sparks, Charles (777th Squadron)

Spomer, Samual (777th Squadron)

Stai, Perry (777th Squadron)

Stallings, Sr., John (776th Squadron)

Stanley, Charles (777th Squadron)

Stanton, Fred M. (779th Squadron)

Stecker, Roy E. (776th Squadron)

Steckler, Bernard O. (Unknown)

Steder, Sr., Paul W. (779th Squadron)

Stein, Leo (776th Squadron)

Steinke, Donald (776th Squadron)

Stepp, Lawrence (776th Squadron) 

Stevens, Frank L. (777th Squadron)

Stevens, Robert (778th Squadron)

Stewart, Allen R. (776th Squadron)

Stewart, Joseph (778th Squadron)

Stewart, Philip H. (778th Squadron)

Stipe, Thomas R. (777th Squadron)

St. John, Raymond (778th Squadron)

Stockinger, George (777th Squadron)

Stoll, Albert (779th Squadron)

Storm, Roger (777th Squadron)

Strathman, Gerald (779th Squadron)

Straub, Robert (Unknown)

Straus, Phillip (778th Squadron)

Streit, Matthew G. (776th Squadron)

Strother, Edward W. (779th Squadron)

Strunk, Ralph W. (778th Squadron)

Sulich, George (779th Squadron)

Summers, Joseph (777th Squadron)

Sundlof, Robert (Unknown)

Surratt, Wiley (778th Squadron)

Swartz, Glen (779th Squadron)

Swygard, Gordon (778th Squadron)

Takes, Donald Eugene (778th Squadron)

Tart, Lindsey B. (Squadron Unknown)

Taylor, Eugene C. (778th Squadron)

Taylor, Warren (778th Squadron)

Ten Eyck, James Allen (779th Squadron)

Tepper, Dale B. (776th Squadron)

Termini, Philip J. (776th Squadron)

Theis, Robert (Unknown)

Thelen, John (779th Squadron)

Thomason, Roland (779th Squadron)

Thompson, Drew (778th Squadron)

Thompson, Earl (778th Squadron)

Thompson, Edward (778th Squadron)

Thurber, Ross D. (777th Squadron)

Tighe, James (776th Squadron)

Todd, Robert (776th Squadron) 

Tomlinson, John (778th Squadron.)

Tong, Robert (776th Squadron)

Torrez, William (779th Squadron)

Tower, True (776th Squadron)

Trabucco, John (779th Squadron)

Trawicki, John E. (778th Squadron)

Treadwell, James (777th Squadron)

Tri, Wilbur (777th Squadron)

Trulsson, Berton E. (Headquarters)

Tuer, Dale (776th Squadron)

Tumminello, Anthony (779th Squadron)

Tuomey, Kenneth (779th Squadron)

Turner, Phillip D. (778th Squadron)

Tygart, Leonard (777th Squadron)

Tweedale, Claude (777th Squadron)

Ullman, Victor (776th Squadron)

Umflet, Floyd (Unknown)

Utley, Charles W. (777th Squadron)

Van Rooy, Russell (779th Squadron)

Varner, Benjamin R. (779th Squadron)

Vaughan, Leonard (777th Squadron)

Vaughn, Morgan D. (779th Squadron)

Velten, Robert F. (778th Squadron)

Ventres, Robert (779th Squadron)

Vieira, Manuel (779th Squadron)

Villano, Francis J. (778th Squadron)

Voght, William (779th Squadron)

Waggoner, Sharon (776th Squadron)

Walden, Walter (777th Squadron)

Waldrop, James (777th Squadron)

Walker, David H. (778th Squadron)

Walker, Howard E. Ph.D. (776th Squadron)

Ward, Robert (Unknown)

Ware, John F. (778th Squadron)

Watkins, William (777th Squadron)

Watt, James (779th Squadron)

Weathersbee, Charles R. (777th Squadron)

Weber, Joseph L. (779th Squadron)

Weichert, Sherwood R. (Unknown)

Weinberg, Robert (776th Squadron)

Weir, Don J. (Unknown)

Weisberger, William (776th Squadron)

Welsh, John (778th Squadron)

Welsted, Irving G. (776th Squadron)

White, Charles (776th Squadron)

Whiteus, Harry (777th Squadron)

Whitney, Jr. Albert (777th Squadron)

Wilen, Arthur (777th Squadron)

Wilkinson, Thomas A. (778th Squadron)

Williams, Charles T. (776th Squadron)

Williams, George (777th Squadron)

Wilson, John (777th Squadron)

Robert L. Wingfield (779th Squadron)

Wintermoyer, Hugh C. (776th Squadron)

Woehrmann, William (778th Squadron)

Wolf, Victor (777th Squadron)

Wolfe, Donald R. (779th Squadron)

Wolfe, Richard (776th Squadron)

Wood, Leon (779th Squadron)

Wood, Robert (779th Squadron)

Woodburn, Delmer (777th Squadron)

Wooding, E.C. (Unknown)

Woodworth, Robert H. (779th Squadron)

Yoast, Charles (Unknown)

Younger, Kenneth (776th Squadron)

Yurysta, Michael (778th Squadron)

Ziehm, Werner (778th Squadron)